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The Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada is the national voice of the architectural woodwork industry in Canada. The AWMAC’s Guarantee and Inspection Service (GIS) is a national program and is designed to ensure that quality architectural woodwork is delivered on every project. The GIS mandate is to ensure that the quality of materials and workmanship of the specified architectural woodwork follows the AWMAC quality standards manual, current edition at time of tender. The AWMAC Certified GIS Inspector operates independently and interdependenly with the AWMAC Chapter to review and ensure that the woodwork requirements on any given specified project will meet the AWMAC standards.

– Complete the Inspector Certification Exam (ICE) as administered by AWMAC
– A thorough understanding of the NAAWS Manual
– When assigned to a project, The AWMAC Inspection Service is based on a three (3) phase inspection review process, with a written report issued at each phase
o Submittal Review
Review of Manufacturers submittals (shop drawings’ listings, and schedules) and relevant contract documents using the latest approved AWMAC Inspection Checklists to the current AWMAC Standards manual
o Sample Unit or Mock-Up Inspection (as required)
Physical inspection of the sample unit for AWMAC’s Standards compliance at the Manufacturer’s plant or at another practical location
o Final Inspection
Attend the project site and complete a review of the installed GIS specified items included in the architectural woodwork contract are inspected
– Inspections and reports are to be completed within seven (7) days upon receipt of documents (submittals inspection) or notification by the Manufacturer (sample and site inspections)

– Knowledgeable about building construction in general and specifically, architectural woodwork;
– Familiar with plans, specifications, and shop drawings;
– Able to interpret and understand the AWMAC’s Standards, current edition;
– Able to produce a concise, comprehensive and well-organized report;
– Competent in the use of word processing software and electronic mail;
– Physically able to perform job-site inspections;
– Available to perform inspections when required;
– Impartial and not in conflict with the work being inspected
– Good interpersonal written and oral communication skills
– Ability to work independently while maintaining regular coordination with the AWMAC Office
– Ability to travel within the AWMAC MB Chapter area
– Valid Driver’s License

Experience Hourly Rate Hourly Travel Time (on trips)
Certified (0-2 yrs) $50.00 $25.00
Certified (3-5 yrs) $55.00 $27.50
Certified (6+ yrs) $60.00 $30.00

Travel and mileage rates will be tied to the Canada Revenue Agency rate and updated annually.

The GIS Inspector position is a per project opportunity. The AWMAC MB office will not guarantee a minimum amount of hours annually but the hours and assignments will fluctuate based on GIS projects specified within the market.

As a guideline, the following timelines are to be expected on GIS projects
– Projects under $100,000 up to eight (8) man hours
– Projects over $100,000 up to sixteen (16) man hours
– Larger Projects at the discretion of the inspector

Please submit a cover letter and resume by email to:


To apply for this job email your details to manitoba@awmac.com

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